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North America - E Bikes

A brief comparison between China and America  

China loves them, America, not so much. Actually, hardly at all. Last year, about 25 million e-bikes were sold in China; in the U.S. the number was under 100,000. A good electric bike can start at $1,000. Electric bike sales in the U.S. bump up. Most of the people in the U.S. either aren’t familiar with electric bikes or have misconceptions about them. So why have e-bikes been in such tepid demand here? After all, they run on a battery inside the frame, which has a range of roughly 30 miles on a full charge. They’re very clean–no gas combusted–amazingly efficient, and can go almost as fast as a moped, up to 20 miles per hour. And they can flatten hills that make grown men weep. Or as Steve Roseman, founder of the San Francisco—based Electric Bike Network, told Outside magazine , it’s like “a fairy godmother tapped you on the shoulder and made you twice as strong.”  
The packs of bikers grow in places like San Francisco and Seattle, where the hills are beyond brutal, expect a lot more of them to avoid the heavy pedaling and go electric.