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Europe- E Bikes

Europe has a wide variety of E bikes in the Market a few of which are :

Opel eBike – RAD e

The RAD e’s pedelec propulsion system is based on a state-of-the art 250 watt electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. In a maximum time of two-and-a-half hours, the battery can be fully charged. The e-bike can also be transported on Opel’s unique FlexFix bicycle carrier and be charged while driving. 
Delivering at least 40 Nm of instant torque, the bike feels agile and fun to ride. The motor gives the rider support when pedaling. At an average speed of 20 kilometers an hour and depending on the electric assist and terrain, the e-bike achieves an electrically supported range of between 60 and 145 kilometers. 
The same smartphone-based control unit that made its debut with the RAK e battery powered experimental car last year is now used with the RAD e. The control unit is a user-friendly solution that unlocks the electric engine, provides real-time data on range, speed and exact location.

Ford ebike Concept

The bicycle part is pretty standard, if outlandishly styled. The frame is fashioned from aluminum and carbon fiber, the wheels look like 1980s mags, the gears are internal Shimano Alfine (11-speed), the “chain” is a carbon belt and the brakes are disks. 
But the electric part is way neater. The li-ion battery inside the frame drives a 350w motor in the front hub. Also inside the hub are magnetostriction sensors. These sensors, which change shape when a magnetic field is applied (and vice versa) allow the wheel to detect when it is turning and apply power appropriate to how hard you are pedaling. These sensors come from F1 cars. 
The setup can be tweaked by an app on the Android phone up on the “dash.” This app also shows you all the usual bike computer info like speed and distance, along with more car-like functions like “service reminder” and “System diagnosis.” An iPhone app is planned, which makes me think that this concept may actually make it into production.

KTM eRace

The KTM eRace is a great electric mountain bike. eMTB's  allow you to explore further, climb steeper, & ride more often. The eRace is at home on trails, but the great thing is, with the battery range & motor assistance, you can easily ride to trails, have some fun & ride home again. The rider has a choice of four assistance levels, & the motor recharges the battery when braking (increasing range by up to 15%). Well balanced, it’s a bike you can play with! Pictures never do this bike justice, you need to see one ‘in the flesh’.  
The BionX hub motor gives great ground clearance, and the bias for assistance is weighted towards pedal torque, the more torque (pedal pressure) the rider applies, the more power assistance you receive. With the torque from the BionX motor, and MTB gearing, these bikes enable the rider to climb slopes you would never have thought possible, opening new challenges and terrain.  !!! ktm has many models of ebikes !!! this is only an example