“It was a nice experience to deal with all the steps that a team faces when creating a product. Even though our product is not a complex product, the process is very important and at some point it gets complex, because the team had to deal with every small detail of the bicycle”.
 “It was an interesting experience having an overall view of how to handle a product in its entire concept phase within a PLM environment. At first I felt the tasks were too time-consuming especially the database build-up phase. But once this was done, it was more fun exploring the system, seeing how all things are interconnected and related. But it also gave me an idea to how more complicated these systems are in a real working environment. And that is a bit intimidating”.

 “It was always a nice experience to have a committed team in which everyone had their own responsibilities”.
 “It doesn't matter what nationalities the other members have, in the end it's all about teamwork. the more different views, the better the result”.
 “Team work was really interesting and effective. It made the work dynamic. Sometimes absence of some team member did not effect the overall work”.
 “ Sometimes it was difficult to manage meetings and difficult to agree or arrive at a decision as a team because every one has a different opinion and wants their solution/idea to be used”.