About our Approach

There are various ways to manage a project and generally we observed that we have been using two ways to manage a project in our FH. 
  1. Traditional Project management - Which is a step-by-step approach through each of the project’s five stages – initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and completion. Each stage is broken down and begins only when the previous stage has been completed . 
  2. Event Chain Methodology - (ECM) is used for projects with tasks that initiate chains of events. Each task, upon completion, causes a new event in which a new task must be worked on. 

One other approach that we saw was that individuals delegate responsibility and then during the project meeting we try to discuss what everyone did.  

We used a more accountable way to manage our project.
We used a strategy in which we tried and merged ourselves in a PLM way of working hence we thought that break ourselves as smaller teams having individual tasks and each team reporting to its respective manager and only the final managers explaining it during the meetings of the whole team, this helped us in understanding the big picture as well as work in a more organized manner. We had individual responsibilities and everyone got an opportunity to enhance the things that he/ she wanted. The managers were accountable for the mistakes done by anyone whomsoever he/ she is responsible. This would also teach us some needed management skills along with technical studies.  During our first project meeting we drafted the whole workflow of the project. 

This is a way of managing huge projects where one department does not know what the other department is working, we used resources like the drop box and the website which  acted in the same way as a PDM software (smart team ). The Engineering manager and the systems manager also had the access to edit the website and the docs. 

There was a note taker assigned in every meeting and this was temporary and  rotated:  
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plm environment for green
The Picture shows who uses Plm as per the lecture slides of FH wels.